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    I'm thrilled to be your math teacher this semester, and I hope this website will be useful to you as we power through the next few months! Here, you'll find links to Powerschool, a downloadable graphing calculator, and other useful tools. I'll also post weekly updates on what we've been covering as well as our class and homework schedule. Please feel free to contact me anytime using the e-mail link above.

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February 24-28, 2014

Hi, all!

Welcome to the end of February!  It’s so hard to believe it’s here!

This week in Honors Algebra II and Academic Algebra II, we’ll be continuing our unit on linear systems and solving systems of equations.  In both classes, we will plan to quiz Thursday and test the following Thursday, March 6. The good news is that the remainder of this unit involves matrices, which 99% of students really enjoy, but the bad news is that it also involves linear programming, which is always a hurdle!  So, if you hear your students coming home talking about linear programming and maximizing an output, give them an extra tight hug!

In Common Core 1B, we began our unit on Quadratics yesterday!  This is one of my favorite topics that we’ll cover this year, and it’s especially important for their success in Common Core III, which they should take before they graduate.  Today, however, students are taking their first benchmark test, so I am looking forward to see how they’ve progressed this year and what we need to focus on before June rolls around!

Also, don’t forget that the curriculum fair is tonight at 5:30 in the RHS gym, so please stop by if you can!  I would love to see you there!  Here are our schedules for the week


Honors Algebra II

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/24Solving Systems of Equationsp. 119, #13-34 every 3rd, p. 126 #1-10 every 3rd, #30-39 every 3rd
Tuesday, 2/25Solving Systems of 3-Variable EquationsUnit 2 Test Answersp. 153 #1-17 odd
Wednesday, 2/26Linear Systems Applications
Thursday, 2/27Matrix Operations

Friday, 2/28Multiplying Matrices


Academic Algebra II

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/24Systems of Equations ApplicationsSolving Systems Applications
Tuesday, 2/25Systems of Linear Inequalitiesp. 132 #19-29 odd
Wednesday, 2/26Linear Programming
Thursday, 2/27Linear Programming, cont.

Friday, 2/28Matrix Operations


Common Core 1B

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/24Intro to PolynomialsNONE
Wednesday, 2/26Polynomials, cont.

Multiplying binomials

Thursday, 2/27Polynomials Special Cases
Friday, 2/28Properties of Parabolas
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February 18-21, 2014

Welcome to another new week!  It seems like they come around in a hurry when we spend half of them snowed out!  But, I hope that you at least got out to play in it a little bit.  I mentioned that my family and I love the Olympics, so this was the snowman my sister and I built in our backyard…


Anyway, I’m hoping that we can actually stay on track this week and not have to push any more topics back!  Below are our schedules for the week.

In Honors Algebra II, we’ll be wrapping up our unit on linear equations and testing on Friday.  Your students turned in their first projects yesterday, and they are BEAUTIFUL!  If you have a chance to drop by the school in the near future, I’m planning to hang their posters outside my door, so stop by and see them!

In Academic Algebra II, we’re also wrapping up our unit on absolute value equations and inequalities this week, and today will be our last day learning something new.  We’ll review tomorrow and test Thursday.  Then, we’ll move into solving systems of equations, which is usually a favorite for students because it’s like a big puzzle!

In Common Core 1B, we’re also finishing up our unit on exponential functions this week!  They’ve done a great job taking in this new topic, and I know it wasn’t an easy one to start with.  We will also review on Thursday and test on Friday before moving into our new unit on Quadratics next Monday.

As a reminder, tomorrow (Wednesday) will be the last day for students to retake any of their tests or quizzes from the most recent unit.  If your student would like to retest, please make sure he or she is up to date on all homework before coming in!  The best time to retest is during Ram Refresh on Wednesday or after school today (Tuesday).

Also, don’t forget the RHS Curriculum Fair is next Tuesday, the 25th, at 5:30 PM.  This will be a great opportunity for you to see what comes next for your child in every subject, not just math.  Plus, I would love to meet you and answer any questions you have!

Here’s to a great week!


Honors Algebra II

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/10Direct VariationPROJECT 1 DUEp. 74 #1-40, every 3rd
Tuesday, 2/11Joint & Inverse Variationp. 481 #1-34 every 3rd, 35, 36
Wednesday, 2/12Linear Modelling/Scatter Plots & Trendlinesp. 81 #1-13 odd, 21
Thursday, 2/13Unit 2 ReviewUnit 2 Review Answers


Academic Algebra II

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/10Transformations of Absolute Value Equationsp. 95 #21-41 odd, 50, 51
Tuesday, 2/11Graphing Linear Inequalitiesp. 102 #20-42 even, 45
Wednesday, 2/12Unit 2 ReviewUnit 2 Review Packet
Friday, 2/14Solving Systems of Equations


Common Core 1B

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/17Linear v. Exponential Graphs and Best Fit LinesLinear v. Exponential Functions ClassworkLinear v. Exponential Functions HW
Tuesday, 2/18Simplifying Rational ExponentsProperties of Exponents Guided NotesProperties of Exponents Worksheet
Wednesday, 2/19Half-Life FunctionsIndependent Practice Half ProblemsFinish Half-Life Independent Practice
Thursday, 2/20Unit 5 Review
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Algebra II Test Answers

Hello to my sweet Academic and Honors Algebra II students!

Since the weather kept you from being able to come by and get help on your test during Ram Refresh, I’ve posted the answers to your tests below.  Please take some time to look over them and be prepared to retest on your own time if you decide to next week.  The best time to take care of this would be during Ram Refresh on Wednesday, the 19th.  I have a list of Honors students who would like to retest, but if you’re in the Academic class and would like to do the same, please let me know by Tuesday afternoon!  Wednesday will be the absolute last day to retest.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments, email me, or tweet me!

Honors students, remember your project is due the first day we get back to school!

Honors Unit 1 Test Answers

Academic Unit 1 Test Form A Answers

Academic Unit 1 Test Form B Answers

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February 10-14, 2014

Hi, all!

I hope you had a great weekend, and if you didn’t make it out to the cheerleading competition on Friday or Saturday, I hope you spent your time relaxing and taking in some of the Olympics!  My family and I are absolutely obsessed with them, as evidenced by the cupcakes my sister made for the Opening Ceremonies…

Olympic cupcakes

We’ve talked a lot, especially in Common Core 1B, about how exponential growth rates come into play in Olympic events, especially when it comes to downhill skiing and curling.  They’ve gotten a peek into Sochi, Russia, and I think I’m enjoying it just as much as they are!

This week in Honors Algebra II, we’ll be focusing on linear equations (in all their various forms), how to create trend lines from scatter plots, and all different types of variation.  We’ll plan to quiz on Wednesday and test next Tuesday.  Also, don’t forget that Project 1 is due on Friday!

In Academic Algebra II, we’ll dive into absolute value equations and inequalities as well as graphing linear inequalities, and we’ll also plan to quiz on Wednesday and test on Friday.

In Common Core 1B this week, we’ll continue exploring exponential growth and decay, how to find trend lines for linear and exponential equations, and we’ll even test out some exponential decay with a lab on concentration and dilution!  It should be a fun week!

Here are our schedules!  As always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions!  Remember that Friday is early release, and if we run into any adverse weather this week, I’ll be sure to update our schedule and keep the students posted on HW and quiz changes via Twitter and Remind 101.  For a refresher on how to sign up for Remind 101, just click here.


Honors Algebra II

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/10Writing Equations of LinesQUIZp. 67 #2-24 even
Tuesday, 2/11Equations of Lines, cont.

Scatter Plots & Trendlines
p. 68 #26-50 even
Wednesday, 2/12Scatter Plots & Trendlines, cont.

Thursday, 2/13Direct Variation
Friday, 2/14Joint & Inverse Variation



Academic Algebra II

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/10Solving Absolute Value Equationsp. 37 #34-42 even
Tuesday, 2/11Solving Absolute Value Inequalities

Graphs of Absolute Value Inequalities
p. 37 #44-52 even, p. 89 #33-48 every 3rd
Wednesday, 2/12QUIZ

Graphing Linear Inequalities
Thursday, 2/13Unit 2 Review


Common Core 1B

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/3Solving Rational Exponent EquationsCalculating Rates Winter OlympicsNONE
Tuesday, 2/4Solving Rational Exponent Equations, cont.NONE
Wednesday, 2/5Linear v. Exponential Graphs and Trendlines

Translations of Exponential Functions
Thursday, 2/6Concentration Dilution Lab
Friday, 2/7Exponential Decay Review
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Great first (full) week!

We had a fantastic first 5-day week here in our spring semester!  I don’t know that I can say the same for the students, but to me, it still felt like it flew by.

In Honors Algebra II this week, we wrapped up our unit on absolute value equations and inequalities with some work on piecewise functions, and students took their first test today.  I’m expecting great things!  Next week, we’ll jump back into a little Algebra I review with a look at linear equations, linear modeling, and types of variation.  It should be a little bit of a vacation from the craziness of absolute value!  Also, don’t forget, your first project is due next Friday!

In Academic Algebra II, we finished our unit on linear equations (yes, you’re actually ahead of Honors Algebra II on that one!), and next week, we’ll be taking on the absolute value equations and inequalities that the honors class just tackled.  They survived, so I’m sure you’ll make me proud, too!

In Common Core 1B, we took a quiz today on exponential growth, which capped off our week covering exponential growth and decay as well as compound interest.  The students have really impressed me with their ability to apply these concepts, and I’m hoping that when you take the plunge to buy that new family car, they can actually tell you if your interest rate is going to fit your budget!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and if you have some spare time, come on out to the Wake County Cheerleading competition being held at RHS this weekend!  I have several students who are cheerleaders, and I’m looking forward to supporting them and the rest of this fabulous county tomorrow.  Enjoy it!

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