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    I'm thrilled to be your math teacher this semester, and I hope this website will be useful to you as we power through the next few months! Here, you'll find links to Powerschool, a downloadable graphing calculator, and other useful tools. I'll also post weekly updates on what we've been covering as well as our class and homework schedule. Please feel free to contact me anytime using the e-mail link above.

    Get ready for a great semester and a whole lot of FUN!

AP Calculus AB | Unit 1 Materials

Homework Assignments

HW 1-1

HW 1-2

HW 1-3

HW 1-4

HW 1-5

Unit 1 Quiz 1 Review

HW 1-6

Week 2 FRQ

HW 1-7

HW 1-8

HW 1-9

Unit 1 Test Review


Homework Solutions

HW 1-1 Solutions

HW 1-2 Solutions

HW 1-3 Solutions

HW 1-4 Solutions

HW 1-5 Solutions

Unit 1 Quiz 1 Review Solutions

HW 1-6 Solutions

HW 1-7 Solutions

HW 1-8 Solutions

HW 1-9 Solutions

Unit 1 Test Review Solutions

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Welcome to Ms. Winstead’s Math Classes!

Hi, all!

Hopefully, you got my welcome email or have landed here after looking through my syllabus.  If you did not get an email from me and would like to sign up to receive them weekly, simply click the “Email Me” link above and let me know!  I’ll be happy to add you to the list.

Here are some links to items you may need this week!  Below, you’ll find notes and homework packets for Math 3.  If you are looking for a syllabus, those can be found on the individual course pages via the links above.

Please leave a comment or send me an email if you have any questions!  Here’s to a great first week!

Math 3 Unit 1 Notes Spring 2016

Unit 1 Homework Packet Spring 2016

Systems of Three Equations Elimination Extra Practice

Linear Programming Applications Extra Practice

Linear Programming Applications Extra Practice Answers

Unit 1 Review Sheet – Fall 2016

Unit 1 Review Sheet Answers – Fall 2016


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