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February 24-28, 2014

Hi, all!

Welcome to the end of February!  It’s so hard to believe it’s here!

This week in Honors Algebra II and Academic Algebra II, we’ll be continuing our unit on linear systems and solving systems of equations.  In both classes, we will plan to quiz Thursday and test the following Thursday, March 6. The good news is that the remainder of this unit involves matrices, which 99% of students really enjoy, but the bad news is that it also involves linear programming, which is always a hurdle!  So, if you hear your students coming home talking about linear programming and maximizing an output, give them an extra tight hug!

In Common Core 1B, we began our unit on Quadratics yesterday!  This is one of my favorite topics that we’ll cover this year, and it’s especially important for their success in Common Core III, which they should take before they graduate.  Today, however, students are taking their first benchmark test, so I am looking forward to see how they’ve progressed this year and what we need to focus on before June rolls around!

Also, don’t forget that the curriculum fair is tonight at 5:30 in the RHS gym, so please stop by if you can!  I would love to see you there!  Here are our schedules for the week


Honors Algebra II

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/24Solving Systems of Equationsp. 119, #13-34 every 3rd, p. 126 #1-10 every 3rd, #30-39 every 3rd
Tuesday, 2/25Solving Systems of 3-Variable EquationsUnit 2 Test Answersp. 153 #1-17 odd
Wednesday, 2/26Linear Systems Applications
Thursday, 2/27Matrix Operations

Friday, 2/28Multiplying Matrices


Academic Algebra II

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/24Systems of Equations ApplicationsSolving Systems Applications
Tuesday, 2/25Systems of Linear Inequalitiesp. 132 #19-29 odd
Wednesday, 2/26Linear Programming
Thursday, 2/27Linear Programming, cont.

Friday, 2/28Matrix Operations


Common Core 1B

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 2/24Intro to PolynomialsNONE
Wednesday, 2/26Polynomials, cont.

Multiplying binomials

Thursday, 2/27Polynomials Special Cases
Friday, 2/28Properties of Parabolas
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