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Great first (full) week!

We had a fantastic first 5-day week here in our spring semester!  I don’t know that I can say the same for the students, but to me, it still felt like it flew by.

In Honors Algebra II this week, we wrapped up our unit on absolute value equations and inequalities with some work on piecewise functions, and students took their first test today.  I’m expecting great things!  Next week, we’ll jump back into a little Algebra I review with a look at linear equations, linear modeling, and types of variation.  It should be a little bit of a vacation from the craziness of absolute value!  Also, don’t forget, your first project is due next Friday!

In Academic Algebra II, we finished our unit on linear equations (yes, you’re actually ahead of Honors Algebra II on that one!), and next week, we’ll be taking on the absolute value equations and inequalities that the honors class just tackled.  They survived, so I’m sure you’ll make me proud, too!

In Common Core 1B, we took a quiz today on exponential growth, which capped off our week covering exponential growth and decay as well as compound interest.  The students have really impressed me with their ability to apply these concepts, and I’m hoping that when you take the plunge to buy that new family car, they can actually tell you if your interest rate is going to fit your budget!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, and if you have some spare time, come on out to the Wake County Cheerleading competition being held at RHS this weekend!  I have several students who are cheerleaders, and I’m looking forward to supporting them and the rest of this fabulous county tomorrow.  Enjoy it!

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