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Happy Spring Semester!

Hello, all!  Welcome to the spring semester here at Rolesville High!  I can’t believe how fast the fall went, but I’m really glad that we all get to start fresh with 2014.

All students should have turned in their syllabus acknowledgement to me last Friday as one of their first homework assignments.  If you have not received this from your child and need an extra copy, they can be found under the link above associated with your student’s class.

We are off and running this semester in all three of my classes!  In Honors Algebra II, students started off with solving absolute value equations and inequalities, and this week, we will move into graphing absolute value functions, their transformations, and piecewise functions.  They also received their first project, which is a review of Algebra I concepts, and the guidelines can be found here.  We will plan to quiz Tuesday, review Unit 1 on Thursday, and they will take their very first test on Friday!

In Academic Algebra II, we began with a review of linear equations and plotting coordinates.  This week, we will continue to study all the different ways linear equations can be represented.  We will quiz on this topic on Tuesday and begin linear modelling the same day.  On Wednesday, we will review Unit 1, test Thursday, and begin solving equations and inequalities on Friday.

In Common Core 1B, we started off the semester with exponential functions and arithmetic and geometric sequences.  Students have grasped this concept really quickly, and they will take their first quiz Tuesday.  I’m sure they will all do very well!  From there, we will pick up with exponential growth and decay (think bacteria and kudzu) and simplifying exponential expressions, and we will quiz again on Friday.

Below are our schedules for the week!  As homework is assigned, that column will be updated and appropriate documents will be uploaded.  If you are ever unsure about content or homework, feel free to email me using the link above.

Thanks for helping us get off to a great start this semester!

Honors Algebra II

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 1/27Graphing Absolute Value Functionsp. 88 #33-51 odd, 52
Tuesday, 1/28Transformations of Absolute Value Functions

QUIZ (only material covered last Thursday and Friday)
Wednesday, 1/29Piecewise Functions
Thursday, 1/30Review for Unit 1 Test
Friday, 1/31UNIT 1 TESTUNIT 1 TEST


Academic Algebra II

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 1/27Linear Equations & Slope-Intercept Formp. 68 # 32-62 even, 69
Tuesday, 1/28Linear Modelling

QUIZ (only material covered last Thursday through Monday)
Wednesday, 1/29Complete Linear Modelling/Review for Unit 1 Test
Thursday, 1/30Unit 1 TESTUNIT 1 TEST
Friday, 1/31Solving Equations & Inequalities


Common Core 1B

DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 1/27Review of Arithmetic & Geometric SequencesPreziIndependent Practice Killer Plants - Day 5
Tuesday, 1/28Exponential Growth & Decay

QUIZ (only material covered last Thursday through Monday)
Wednesday, 1/29Simplifying Exponential Expressions
Thursday, 1/30Compound Interest
Friday, 1/31Compound Interest, cont.

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