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10/7/13 – 10/11/13

Hi, all!  It’s hard to believe we’re almost halfway through the semester, but it’s flying by!

In Common Core I this week, we’re transitioning from solving equations and inequalities into the Pythagorean Theorem and literal equations, which are just equations that have variables instead of numbers.  Students are making connections between the isolation of variables in solving equations and isolation of variables in geometry and other algebraic formulas, and so far, I’m very impressed with their ability to carry over and apply what they know.  We are planning to test on Unit 2 on Friday, and that will include all topics covered since we ended our first unit on statistics.

In Honors Algebra II, we tested today on Unit 4, which was on linear equations, inequalities, absolute value equations, and absolute value inequalities.  The majority of the test was taken without a calculator, but students were allowed one for the last twenty minutes so that they could check their answers (especially the fractions)!  Next, we’ll move into systems of equations (my personal favorite), and even though there are seven units remaining, we’re moving at a good pace to begin incorporating more opportunities for quizzes and projects.

Here are the schedules for this week, and as always, please check back for homework and content updates!



DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 10/7State Benchmark Test (not part of final grade)Benchmark TestNONE
Tuesday, 10/8Pythagorean TheoremCoordinate plane discovery sheet
Wednesday, 10/9Literal Equations
Thursday, 10/10Review for Test
Friday, 10/11UNIT 2 TEST



DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 10/7Review for Unit 4 TestUnit 4 Study GuideNONE
Tuesday, 10/8UNIT 4 TESTNONE
Wednesday, 10/9Trend lines, scatter plots, graphing linear and absolute value inequalities
Thursday, 10/10Begin Systems of Equations (Unit 5)
Friday, 10/11
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