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9/16/13 – 9/20/13

Hi, all!  I hope you had a great weekend!

This week in Common Core 1A, we will be finishing up our Unit 1 Statistics project and presenting them in class on Wednesday.  Students have been asked to dress up (or look a little nicer than normal) for this presentation to get them ready for the real-life demands of presentations in college and beyond!  They have been working for the past few days on comparing data they find interesting (most chose sports scores) and will be compiling that data to draw conclusions about which teams and players are superior.  I’m very proud of the way they have worked together, and I anticipate some great grades!  This project will serve as the test grade for the first unit, so students should see their class averages off to a great start.  Today, we began Unit 2, which involved re-introducing combining like terms.  Most students were relieved to see some algebra and left my class feeling empowered after almost three weeks of statistics!  We’ll move into writing algebraic expressions and solving one-step equations later this week.

In Honors Algebra II, we’re wrapping up our unit on Sequences and Series.  Today was the final day of in-class practice, and students will take a test on Wednesday.  I am currently wrapping up grading their quizzes from Friday, and so far I am very pleased!  We will begin instruction on our next unit, Algebraic Functions, on Tuesday, and I think students will breathe a sigh of relief for something they’ve seen before!  Of course, we’ll parlay it into new material, but it should be a nice break from the formula-heavy sequences and series.

Here are our schedules for the week!


DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 9/16Work on Unit Project, Combining Like TermsNotes - Combining Like Terms2 - Combining Like Terms Practice HW
Tuesday, 9/17Work on Unit Project, Writing Algebraic Expressions2 - Writing Algebraic Expressions
Wednesday, 9/18Present Unit Projects (dress up!), Unit 2 Quiz
Thursday, 9/19Multi-Step Equations Using the Distributive PropertySolving Multistep Equations with the Distributive Property
Friday, 9/20Multi-step equations with infinite and no solutions



DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 9/16Practice with Sequences and SeriesSequences and Series Practice Test
Tuesday, 9/17Begin algebraic functions, review for Sequences & Series testAlgebra II Relations and Functions
Wednesday, 9/18Unit 2 Sequences & Series Test
Thursday, 9/19Function Operations, Inverse Functions
Friday, 9/20
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