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Statistics, Sequences, and Series (oh my!)

It’s been a big week for my students!

In Common Core 1A, we are wrapping up our statistics unit, and I know many of my students are ready to move on to algebra!  Before that, though, we’re finishing up a big project that requires the students to collect comparative data on something they’re interested in, then analyze it using measures of center, box plots, histograms, and distribution.  Many of them brought in data about their favorite sports teams, so it’s exciting to watch them apply statistics to their own interests.  They were able to use computers today in class to research their topics, and I was extremely impressed at how adept they were at finding exactly what they were looking for.  Before they started this project, we did a mini version of it together so that they would know what to do once they were on their own.  The mini project was collected for a quiz grade, and the big project will be collected for a test grade.  On Wednesday, students will be asked to dress up and present their data to the rest of the class.

In Honors Algebra II, we tore through a unit on Sequences and Series, and students took their quiz today.  I commend them for taking in so many formulas in one week, and even though this unit challenges students to think differently than they normally do, they’re picking up on it little by little.  After their quiz today, they did an artistic project where they were asked to represent an arithmetic or geometric series with items found in the real world, using common difference and common ratio to change their chosen item bit by bit.  Some chose flowers, some chose deer, and some even chose the school mascot!  It was a nice break from the pace at which we’ve been moving, and we’ll take a day to review on Monday before the unit test on Tuesday.

I also want to commend all my students who have been involved with sports and joining clubs this week.  Not only do I think they make high school unforgettable, but I know they challenge students to learn time management early on in their lives.  They have managed to balance all their responsibilities extremely well, and I’ve been so happy to be able to make it to their volleyball and football games in the past weeks.  This week, I and two other teachers also began Rolesville High’s very first Student Government Association, and the interest from students has been fantastic!  It’s incredible to think that ten, twenty, and thirty years from now, they’ll still be the very first SGA.  I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

Here’s to a great weekend and another week of fantastic progress!

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