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9/9/13 – 9/13/13

Hello and Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great short week last week.

In Common Core 1A, we continued our unit on Statistics, which has been a great and challenging intro to the course.  Many students are learning brand new material, which I think is great!  Often, the first few weeks of school can simply be a review of material from the previous course, but we’re diving in head first, and I commend my students on sticking with me through some tough stuff!  This week, they will continue their work on standard deviation and review box plots, interquartile range, and outliers for a quiz on Wednesday, 9/11.  After the quiz, I will introduce our first mini in-class statistics project, which will guide students in the completion of their first big project.  Both projects will involve comparing sets of data using the methods they’ve learned in class and writing narratives to verbally compare the data.  Rubrics and specific instructions will be provided.

My Honors Algebra II students wrapped up a tough first unit on algebraic properties and took their first test.  Some were happy, some were disappointed, but I encouraged all to remember that the first test is always the hardest, and high school, whether you’re new to it or just to the school, is an adjustment.  However, they do have the opportunity to complete test corrections for 1/3 of their missed points, and all are encouraged to come see me after school on Tuesday, 9/10 for help on them.  They will be graded for accuracy.  Today, we jumped into a new unit on sequences and series, and even though it’s new to most of my students, they caught on quite well today!  We will have a quiz on this unit on Thursday and a test on Monday, 9/16.  We will spend a portion of Wednesday and most of Friday reviewing.

Here are our schedules for the week!  Please let me know if you have any questions, and check back throughout the week for updates on homework or schedule changes.


DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 9/9Standard Deviation, continued9-9-13 Box Plots and Histograms Review
Tuesday, 9/10Comparing Data, Review for Quiz9-10-13 5-Number Summary, Quiz Review HW
Wednesday, 9/11Quiz, Unit 1 Review, Introduce Mini ProjectStatistics ProjectNo Homework
Thursday, 9/12Go over quiz, complete mini projectThink of a set of comparative data that you could use for your Unit Project. Write it down and show me at the beginning of class Friday.
Friday, 9/13Work on Unit Project (test grade)Finish collecting data for Unit Project



DayContentIn-Class DocumentsHomework
Monday, 9/9Mathematical Patterns, Algebraic Sequences and SeriesAlgebra II Arithmetic Sequences and Seriesp. 591, #1-28 every 4th problem, p. 596, #1-28 every 4th problem, 53, 57, 71, and p. 610, #1-28, every 4th problem, 31, 43, 45
Tuesday, 9/10Geometric Sequences and Seriesp. 602, #1-53, every 4th problem
Wednesday, 9/11Go over Unit 1 Test and Test Correctionsp. 616, #1-53, every 4th problem
Thursday, 9/12Review, begin in-class mini projectp. 632, #1-31
Friday, 9/13Quiz, continue mini-projectNo Homework
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