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What a fantastic first week!

Hi all,

I couldn’t be more proud of how both my Common Core 1A and Honors Algebra II students did this week.  Both had their very first quizzes, and though the Common Core class’s haven’t been graded yet, the average Algebra II score was a 90!  For the first quiz of the year, I’m exceptionally happy!

This week in Common Core 1A, we spent some time getting to know each other, and then we dove right into our first unit on statistics.  As the week passed, we covered sampling and surveying methods, bar graphs, misleading graphs and bias, histograms, dot plots, and stem and leaf plots.  Needless to say, my classes know how to represent data!  They powered through group activities using NFL statistics and economics, and I’m happy to say that the vast majority of students turned in all their homework on time.  We are still working on coming into class quietly and getting to work on our warm-up assignments without getting distracted, but I know that beginning a new year at a new high school comes with its fair share of adjustments.  Next week, we will continue with our unit on statistics as we cover measures of center and shape and ensure that we are clear on the definitions of mean, median, and mode.

In Honors Algebra II, as I mentioned, we took our first quiz of the year!  The students did exceptionally well on it, and those who earned an “A” were celebrated by having their names placed on my “Ramblin’ Rams” wall.  I hope to see everyone’s name up there by the end of the semester!  This week, we reviewed several topics from Algebra I and Geometry, including types of real numbers, properties of real numbers, properties of algebraic expressions, properties of algebraic equality, simplifying and solving expressions, and solving equations.  It was a lot of information for them to take in, but they all kept positive attitudes, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how the course is progressing.  Today, to review for our Unit 1 test on Tuesday, we played a round of Jeopardy!  It was a blast, and the students had a great time competing against each other and engaging in a lively activity on a Friday.

Thank you for all the support you have provided your students through this first week, and please let me know if you have any questions.  I have received my official Wake County email address, which is  Please continue to encourage your students to attend after-school help sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, and also push them to make up any work they have missed before their next test.  Further test, after-school, and make-up work information can be found on the Class Syllabi page.

Here’s to a short and fantastic week two!


Ms. Winstead

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